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Worldmaps is a social, geographical hit counter.

These terms have been updated March 15, 2010.

Because of social nature of this tool, Worldmaps is intended for (but not limited to):

1) Technical blogs.
2) Personal or group blogs. (For example, the shared blog of a development team.)
3) .NET/INETA and related community portals.
4) Small business sites.

Potential inappropriate sites might include:

1) Commercial sites.
2) Large volume portal sites.
3) Aggregation sites.
4) Sites driven primarily from advertising revenue.
5) Sites of questionable/confrontational content.

These are general guidelines and not all-encompassing. Remember, sites participating will appear on the leaderboard page. Worldmaps is not intended as a full analytics tool.

Finally, because a single account can create and manage multiple maps, these guidelines apply to all maps within an account. Each map should be tied to a specific domain. Hits coming in from other domains (evaluated by using the HTTP Referrer) are subject to being blocked; for example, a user has an account with a single map registered as Hits coming from other domains, such as should be under a separate map account. If the website URL for your map (as displayed on the public leaderboard) is not accessible or not the sole source of traffic, the map may be deleted.

Maps that receive no traffic over the previous 60 days are subect to being deleted.

If you have an account that was not approved or a map that was deactivated in error, please let us know using the feedback box below! We'll get it resolved.

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