What are the best practices for using Worldmaps?
A map should only be placed once on a page. If there are multiple maps under the same map ID on a single page, use the "/notrack" option on all but one map. Otherwise, the stats are artificially inflated. The server can reject some of these, but prefer users handle this directly by placing their maps appropriately. In addition, your map must be placed on the domain as stated in your map account. It's OK if it's on a subdomain or a page.
Why do the hits per day average on the leaderboard not match the hits per day average on my stats page?
The hits per day average on the stats page is an average based on all data available. The leaderboard only uses the data from the past 30 days.
What kind of volume do you support?
There are currently no set rules, however, excessive usage is subject to modification, particularly if your site uses the invisible pixel version. In addition, sites are expected to follow the best practices outlined below.
Can I use more than 1 map on the same site?
Yes. This is encouraged if you have distinct sections of your site that you'd like to tabulate the data separately.
Is it OK to only use the invisible pixel version on my site?
Yes, however, if usage is high, using a visible map may be required if requested from a site administrator.
How often do the maps update?
Maps update dynamically, based on age and volume. In general, maps are drawn every 2 to 24 hours. Maps are typically lazy-loaded - meaning, they will not be updated without volume. Sites with very low volume or sites using the tracking pixel only will not update without map requests.
How can maps be deleted?
Users can delete maps directly via the account page. Doing this removes all data associated with the map. Also, while maps are rarely deleted outside of the account page, they can be deleted if the map is idle for more than 60 days, or if the map's URL is duplicating another map's URL or otherwise point to or contain inappropriate content.
Why can't I see unique IP addresses on my reporting page?
There are two types of accounts: plus and standard. Both are currently free, but plus accounts are more limited because they store deeper levels of data than standard accounts. Because of the way standard accounts aggregate data, unique IP addresses are not available.
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